Tuesday, November 15, 2005

McGuinness Gives Big Ian His Due

As the Examiner put it, Sinn Fein Chief Negotiator Martin McGuinness has "thrown down the gauntlet" and called out the DUP on their lies.

Ian Paisley has been harping for ages that he will enter talks with Sinn Fein when and only when the IRA decomissions their weapons. Four months on, Ian hasn't budged. His son was spitting acid after McGuinness' remarks, saying:
"His (McGuinness') statement that Ian Paisley must now enter government and be a 'man of his word' is contemptible given that Martin McGuinness could hide behind a corkscrew he is so twisted."
Character attacks have absolutely no place in Irish politics. This hateful shite is no exception, but it is difficult to expect anything other than ire from the DUP. They have a monopoly on Unionism only because Trimble lost his vision and drove the UUP into the dust, not because unionists are enamored with Paisley's rhetoric. Does Paisley realize that he alone cannot continue to jam a wrench into N. Ireland's politics? Does he realize that the majority of N. Irish residents WANT the process to chug onward, full steam ahead, not sit in a muddy ditch?
Of course he doesn't. The DUP will always try and play the the games of 1690, and cannot get past the fact that their constituents don't want to regress. Only with the DUP's fall can peace be found.

Note: this is where Blair and Ahern have failed miserably. Their hesitation to give Paisley a slap on his wrist for blatantly violating the GFA & betraying the people of N. Ireland has been a dark mark on the process.
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