Friday, October 28, 2005

"Official A" Identified as Karl Rove

The AP has identified the only anonymous person in Libby's indictment, "Official A", as Karl Rove. The question we must ask is why Fitzgerald chose to use some sort of moniker for other staffers while refraining from using Rove's name.

 On or about July 10 or July 11, 2003, LIBBY spoke to a senior official in the White House ("Official A") who advised LIBBY of a conversation Official A had earlier that week with columnist Robert Novak in which Wilson's wife was discussed as a CIA employee involved in Wilson's trip.  LIBBY was advised by Official A that Novak would be writing a story about Wilson's wife.

There are a number of ways to read into this. The absence of a formal title/name for Official A (who we will assume is in fact Rove) may be an indicator that charges are about to be levied. It's also possible that Fitzgerald is not yet sure of Rove's guilt; therefore, he cannot claim it was Rove who leaked Ms. Plame's identity and CIA position to Robert Novak. 
Puzzling, for sure.
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