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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

McWilliam Needs to Get Real

Gemma Murray, a "Security Correspondent" for the News Letter, writes about Human Rights Cmsr. Monica McWilliams, who claims she has the ability to resolve the mess that the Whiterock parade has become.
"I think a lot of work needs to be invested now rather than leaving it to six weeks beforehand," she said. "People need to get engaged long before that with commissions such as mine, the Community Relations Commission and the Parades Commission. "I know there are members of the community out there who are very reluctant to give the commissions that role, but they have been set up by statutory bodies and they have powers and we ought to be working more closely together.
I have your solution, Mrs. McWilliams. Put an end to the Whiterock march. It baffles me that Secretary Peter Hain and Blair are trying to promote equality in N. Ireland, yet turn a blind eye to the Orange Order and their parades of hatred. This year's chaotic parade, which essentially put half of Belfast on lockdown, should serve as a grisly reminder that Unionist instigation is not to be tolerated.
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