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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Hewitt Takes a Hit

The Brtish Medical Association is dismayed at the cabinet's decision to "ban smoking in enclosed public places in England - with exemptions for clubs and pubs not serving food." It doesn't seem she's ready to admit it, but Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt is not pleased either.
"I believe this bill will be very widely welcomed as a major step forward in protecting people from second-hand smoke, and improving the health of the nation," Ms Hewitt said.
It's known that Ms. Hewitt hoped for a ban without exemptions. Every doctor in the UK, along with a large portion of the populace, urged the government to enact a full ban. But it just couldn't happen.
Labour shores up its dissapointing decision with the lame "it was outlined in the party manifesto" excuse. I suppose the very real and very deadly threat of second-hand smoke is not enough to sway the ministers from blindly following their policy. Shame on you, old boys.

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